Arte Fora do Sítio

Arte Fora do Sítio started in Portugal in 2015 and continued to be an exaltation of the arts featured outside, in uncommon places and is a great show of performances that generate connections between the audience, artists and street art. 

The line of communication of the previous editions has always been faithful to street design with graffiti explosions of paint or old building walls and manifests the art movement of this event. We kept the coherence between the previous design and created a brand with a simple bold typography. This identity gives chape to the communication materials and helps build a poster characterised by minimalist layout and a powerful contrast of black, white and a vivid red colour.

The poster design represents a deformed frame as a symbol of the deconstruction of the meaning of art and it should be. This poster is also a statement of street art power, by which we represent the layout painted directly on a peeled white wall. The design is transferred to the other promotional and merchandising materials and evolves giving the opportunity to other textures and bold lines and messages to gain a standing voice.

Art Direction & Design: Villae - Creative Studio
Strategy & Project Manager: Novva Marketing
Photo & Video: Editta Studio
Arte Fora do Sítio