MA-KR is a South Korean online store that sells original products from local makers and wants to send a strong message of sustainability across the world. Along the website we are able to find various products from ceramics, cosmetics, prints of illustrations, clothes and other accessories that symbolise a piece of their culture and the creators tastes. 

For this brand we created a new set of icons inspired on the identity and existing iconography. We also designed different packages, envelopes, bags, tags, wrapping paper, stickers and tape to be produced from recicle materials and that should be reused or recycled. With these preoccupations in mind, we developed a modern and clean layout, combined with a strong message on the outside of the packaging and in the outside we decided to surprise the buyers with an original illustration and pattern appealing to their senses and critical spirit. The other supports combine the minimal layout with the pattern and illustrations created for this purpose and result in an enthusiastic and fun object to bare in hands. The colour palette is the same used on the website and the brand supports but this time are combined with craft paper setting a strong contrast between bright and subtle colours.

All our choices are a reflection of the clients needs, wants and our creativity and critical vision to help this brand gain a louder and impacting voice.